Olive Drying Machine CM027 - 10M
This machine is used for drying the processed olives for preparing them to the next step of processing. The length of the machine depends on the customers’ required capacity and it effects the numbers of the fans that will dry the surface of the olives. As the machine completely dries the surface of the olives, it allows the oil to be covered on the olive surface during the filling process, and it helps the olive to have a long shelf life.
  • IP 65 plastic control panel (Hensel)
  • 380 V / 50 HZ 
  • Serial phase protection relay
  • Electronic speed control system (Schneider)
  • AISI 304L Stainless steel body
  • Bearings with plastic body and stainless steel housing
  • Protection with thermic relay
  • Continuous air circulation during the tunnel
  • Thermostats with electrical control in the heating system
  • Plastic based with AISI 304 stud feet
  • 250 mm diameter of plastic rollers that extends life of PU belt
  • Belt tensioning mechanism
  • Special design of rollers that can revolve around the olives
  • Worm gear reducer
  • Length 10267mm
  • Width 1553mm
  • Height 1951mm
  • Engine Power 0,37kw
  • Capacity (Min./Max.) 1200 kg/h
  • Quantity of Belts 24 Units
  • Fan Power 11.6kw
  • Fan Heating Power 64kw
  • Total Power Of The Machine 76kw
  • Fan Capacity / Quantity 10000 m3/h - 12 Units
  • Quantity Of Cooling Fan 4 Units
  • Quantity Of Heating Fan 8 Units
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