Water Workable Loading Elevator - 400LT
Water workable loading elevator is a helper machine used for separating brine water from the olive and to transfer it to the olive processing system. Olives taken from the hopper of the elevator and send towards to the olive processing machine with the help of modular band. Also, it’s providing more hygienic products by means of washing system with spraying during the transfer of the products.The loading elevator is completely made of stainless steel and qualified engineering plastics.
  • MODEL: CM 045S
  • IP 65 plastic control panel (Hensel) 
  • 220 V / 50 HZ
  • Electronic speed control system (Schneider)
  • AISI 304L stainless steel body
  • Bearings with plastic body and stainless steel housing
  • Protection with thermic relay
  • All the bands are PP modular band conforming to FDA
  • Bottom discharging valves
  • Plastic based with AISI 304 stud feet
  • Worm gear reducer
  • Length Depends on the line
  • Width 1080mm
  • Height Depends on the line
  • Water Consumption 100 - 150 lt/h
  • Engine Power 0,37 kw
  • Capacity (Min./Max.) 2 - 4 ton/h
  • Hopper Capacity 400 lt
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