Stainless Steel Olive Sieving Machine - 8M
Stainless steel olive sieving machine is used in classification of products in different sizes. Product is transmitted to the olive sieving machine by a loading elevator. There is a fan- distributor band system to separate leaves etc. on stainless steel olive sieving machine, foreign materials and distribute products homogenously on the band. As the clearance between the sections where products are classified according to their sizes can be adjusted ungradually on the olive sieving machine, it is possible to receive the desired product caliber in the desired section. Panels and junction boxes used on the stainless steel olive sieving machine is class IP 65 and made of water proof material. The olive sieving machine is completely made of stainless steel.
  • Ip 65 plastic control panel (Hensel) 
  • 220 V / 50 HZ
  • Independent electronic speed control system on elevator and grading machine
  • AISI 304L stainless steel body
  • Bearings with plastic body and stainless steel housing
  • Protection with thermic relay
  • Electronic speed control system (Schneider)
  • All the bands are made of PVC conforming to FDA
  • 10mm round belt conforming to FDA
  • Loading elevator
  • AISI 304 stainless steel caster
  • Adjustable section distance
  • Section number may be changed
  • Leaf, etc. foreign material cleaning fan
  • 400 mm diameter of plastic rollers that extends life of PU belt
  • Belt tensioning mechanism
  • Worm gear reducer
  • Width 1245mm
  • Capacity (Min./Max.) 3500kg/h
  • Optionals Additional sieving section - Loading elevator - Crate platform model
  • Quantity of Belts 20 Units
  • Lenght (Machine + Elevator) 8200mm / 9593mm
  • Lenght (Sieving Lenght) 7425mm
  • Height (Height Of Crate Platform Model) 1400mm / 2075mm
  • Engine Power (Machine + Elevator + Fan) 0,75kw + 0,37kw + 0,14kw
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