Olive Harvesting Machine

The CMS Harvest Machine is a machine that makes the olive harvest practical and economical thanks to its vibration feature with its innovative features. Even tough it was designed and manufactured specifically for olive harvest, the versatility of the machine also makes it very efficient for harvesting products such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, apricots, sour cherries and plums.


All control and movements of the harvest machine are done by a radio remote control, which allows the operator to be just a few steps away from the machine and allows the head to get the best clutch on the tree. With this remote control, it provides the shaking head to move right/left, up/down easily and clutch the tree correctly and the products are shaken by approaching the tree in the most sensitive way.


The vibratory head, which has an effective suspension and clutch system, is designed in different sizes. The machine works spectacular to prevent any damage to the body of the tree, and it ensures a great harvest performance by providing a very high level of shaking for the branches. The tractor connection of the harvest machine is extremely simple by means of shaft and three-point hitch system. This makes the connection of the machine to the tractor very simple without requiring any other mechanical adjustment. And this increases the harvest efficiency by reducing the labor force with it's practical use.

  • Total Length : Minimum: 4300 mm - Maximum: 7000 mm
  • Total Height : 6500 mm
  • Roadway Position : 3500 mm
  • Total Width : 2350 mm
  • Maximum Working Height : 6000 mm
  • Maximum Clamp Width (P70) : 400 mm
  • Maximum Tree Diameter To Clutch (P70) : 350 mm
  • Minimum Tree Diameter To Clutch (P70) : 60 mm
  • Maximum Clamp Distance (P75) : 500 mm
  • Maximum Tree Diameter To Clutch (P75) : 450 mm
  • Minimum Tree Diameter To Clutch (P75) : 60 mm
  • Working Angle : 135 Derece
  • Vibration Frequency : 57 Hz
  • Vibration Amplitude (Eccentric Radius) : 20 mm
  • Type of Pump : Gear + Piston Pump
  • Type of Engine : Piston Motor
  • Type of Remote Controller : Proportional Valve Controlled Remote Controller
  • Weight : 1500 kg
  • Length 4300 mm - 7000 mm
  • Width 2350 mm
  • Height 6500 mm
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