Brine Filling Machine For Olive
The brine filling machine for olive provides the package to be filled with hot brine water after the olives filled in it. The package is forwarded to the brine filling machine for olive by a transfer band. Heat control is provided by digital thermostat. The machine provides products to fill in brine thanks to automatic water completion system without pausing.  The panels and switch boxes which are used in the brine filling machine for olive are IP 65 class and are made of waterproof material. The control of the machine which is placed in a line is provided by the central control board. The brine filling machine for olive is completely made of stainless steel.

  • MODEL: CM029
  • IP 65 plastic control panel (Hensel)
  • 380 V / 50 HZ
  • Serial phase protection relay
  • Electronic speed control system (Schneider)
  • AISI 304L stainless steel body
  • Bearings with plastic body and stainless steel housing
  • Protection with thermic relay
  • Automatic heat control system
  • PP modular band conforming to FDA
  • AISI 316L steam pipes
  • Heating system with titanium sheet heat exchanger
  • Heat resist conveyor belt and guide
  • Steam requirement depends on the product and size
  • Waterfall type float filling
  • Plastic based with AISI 304 stud feet
  • Water circulation system
  • Stainless steel open fan pump
  • Worm gear reducer
  • Length 3040 mm
  • Width 1325 mm
  • Height 1425 mm
  • Water Consumption -
  • Engine Power 1,3 kw
  • Capacity (Min./Max.) Depennds on the product
  • Optionals -
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