Electrostatic Painted Olive Sieving Machine CM002
The machine is used in pre-classification and cleaning of olive picked from the garden. Olives to be classified are emptied in the tank placed on the machine. The machines separates materials such as leaves, stone, earth, stem from the olive by vibrated sieving and fan system. As the section distance and belt clearances are fixed and cannot be changed, it ensures a certain standard of raw material purchase and sale. The body of the machine is made of DKP sheet metal and steel profile, covered with electrostatic paint.
  • 220 V / 50 HZ 
  • Vibratory, easy to clean sieving system
  • Lighting lamps
  • Leaf, etc. foreign material cleaning fan
  • Electrostatic painted steel profile and DKP iron sheet body
  • PVC over on lower table
  • Easy to carry with rotating wheels
  • Corrosion proof plastic rollers and drums
  • Easy to remove and clean vibrating sieving grid
  • Belt tensioning system
  • Leaf and foreign material channel on vibrating sieve
  • PU restoring brushes over the roller 
  • Protection with thermic relay on main motor
  • Length 4400mm
  • Width 1100mm
  • Height 1330mm
  • Engine Power 0,75kw + 0,37kw
  • Capacity (Min./Max.) 2000 kg/h
  • Optionals Electronic speed control system
  • Quantity Of Belts 18 Unit / V Belt
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